054 Lunchtime

Look at the bus stop

Take the bus to Midland Road

Walk up

Walk up

Continue up

Enter the clock shop

Walk up

Talk to Cogg and travel to the future

Walk down

Walk down to leave the clock shop

Walk down
(must have talked to Inspector Chelmey)

Talk to Stachenscarfen (aka Stachen)
(must have visited Scotland Yard)

01 Stachen's Toadstool Delivery Errand (US)
01 Stachen's Mushroom Delivery Errand (UK)

Open the Parrot minigame in the trunk

Open Stachen's Toadstool Delivery Errand (US)
Open Stachen's Mushroom Delivery Errand (UK)

One possible solution for Parrot Delivery Errand 01 using
all three of the available ropes can be seen here

Enter the door on the left
(must have opened Stachen's Toadstool Delivery Errand) (US)
(must have opened Stachen's Mushroom Delivery Errand) (UK)

Talk to Anita

054 Lunchtime

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3

Super Hint


Arrange the ingredients as shown


1570 Picarats and 160 Hint Coins

134 A Question of Taste

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
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