137 Pieces of Chocolate (US) / Choc-hole-ate (UK)

02 A Flower for Adeline Delivery Errand
(must have solved Puzzle 055)

One possible solution for Parrot Delivery Errand 02 using
all three of the available ropes can be seen here

Walk right

Continue right

Talk to Minnie
(must have solved Puzzle 030)

137 Pieces of Chocolate (US) / Choc-hole-ate (UK)

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3

Super Hint


You can break off 8 more pieces of chocolate


1655 Picarats and 160 Hint Coins

055 Picky Moviegoers (US) / Six Whiny Spectators (UK)

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
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