Frequently Asked Questions (WIP)

What is the password to open The Hidden Door?

The password is unique to each DS and neither the passwords in this guide nor passwords from other people will work on your DS

You can see a step by step guide to unlocking the hidden door here

This also let's you see what's hiding behind the door if you no longer own or have access to the Diabolical Box (US) or Pandora's Box (UK) needed to get the eight character password specific to your DS

What are the picarats for?

The picarats basically represent your score for the game

They also unlock (based on the number of picarats) art, music, character profiles, voice and movies in the Top Secret section

You don't receive anything extra (besides personal satisfaction) for finishing the game with a perfect score

For the first time in the series, the lowest possible number of picarats you can receive from solving all 168 puzzles is less than the number needed to unlock everything in Top Secret

Players wanting to unlock everything should try to answer the majority of puzzles with no more than one incorrect answer

Can any puzzles be permanently missed?

No, you can return to ... after completing the story to find any puzzles that you've missed

Any missing puzzles will either be in ... or still in their original locations

Can any hint coins be permanently missed?

Yes, there are 43 hint coins that could be permanently missed

These hint coins are no longer available to be found once you talk to Celeste at the Thames Arms restaurant at the end of Chapter 12

Do you get anything special for collecting all 300 hint coins?

No, only the personal satisfaction of doing so

Can anything else be permanently missed?

No, all ... and everything needed to complete the trunk tasks (...) can still be found or accomplished even after completing the story

Can I continue exploring after finishing the story?

Yes, although you can't revisit Present London

You can see how to return to Future London here

Where is Puzzlette and the Puzzle Shack?

You can see where to find Puzzlette and the Puzzle Shack here

Why do the letters I write keep turning into numbers?

Read the puzzle question again, the answer will be a number

Why is The Time Traveler's House still locked at the end?

After watching the end of the story, wait until the credits finish rolling, solve Puzzle 130 then save when prompted to do so

You can see this in more detail here here

Why is The Puzzle Keeper's House locked after 165 puzzles?

The game's puzzle index only shows those puzzles that have been found, so if the last puzzle in the index is number 165, this doesn't necessarily mean that you've both found and solved 165 puzzles

Importantly, the save slot you load from needs to show 165/165

If the slot shows, for example, that you've solved/found 164/164 puzzles, then you have to very carefully look through the game's puzzle index to find the missing puzzle number

If you look through the game's puzzle index and don't find the missing puzzle, keep looking as some players have had to scroll through the index several times before they spot the missing number

Once you know which puzzle (or puzzles) you've missed, use the walkthrough's index to see where to find the puzzle (or puzzles)

If the walkthrough points out that the puzzle will only appear in its original location if you haven't already done something, then the puzzle can instead be found by talking to Puzzlette

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
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